iSwop Networks is a digital media firm that develops and markets custom business and non-profit, community commerce applications for niche markets. It is an aggregator and marketer of data.

iSwop integrates business directories with business and consumer information resource libraries and e-commerce to: connect multi-cultural and affinity business communities to their consumers while promoting collaboration and transactions. It utilizes multiple delivery options including mobile. iSwop provides:

(1) a network of B2B & B2C directories by affiliations

(2) an information repository for entrepreneurs and consumers to research products and services

(3) a marketplace for ideas, trends, and feedback.

iSwop uses keyword metatags and surveys to create profiles of businesses and consumers that are databased, then (discreetly) matched to the end-user’s purchasing preferences.

iSwop adopts many functions of other digital directories search engines, except it gives users the ability to choose the “communities” they PREFER to patronize; be it by ownership, affiliations, geography, ethnicity, gender, social interest, certifications, etc. iSwop’s search results are based on pre-determined, user preferences; saving user’s time and effort in their specific research.